Enjoying diversity when it comes to crypto assets is a luxury that not all traders have access to. That is the case because the majority of trading brands continue to focus on traditional assets, leaving those interested in crypto with little or no options.

Omplix is a crypto trading platform aiming to fill that gap, as it specializes solely in this asset class, providing advanced infrastructure and strong financial security. If an efficient broker is what you are looking for, take a sneak peek at what Omplix has to offer.


  • Personal account assistant for all traders
  • Advanced and efficient crypto trading tools
  • Fast trade execution
  • A variety of crypto assets



  • No possibility to trade other asset classes
  • Some jurisdictions might be prohibited from opening accounts
  • Limited educational resources



Since it is a brand specializing only in digital assets, Omplix allows customers to trade on a variety of cryptocurrencies. The list includes Bitcoin, Ether, Tron, Stellar, Dash, Cardano, Polkadot, ZCash, Monero, Binance Coin, and many other altcoins.

trade crypto with Omplix

What this shows is that the company has faith in the potential of crypto and wants to serve a growing global audience interested in trading these instruments. Omplix cares about user safety and did a great job in ensuring strong security, without having to sacrifice performance.

Fees and Charges

Another important reason to consider cryptocurrency trading has to do with costs. Out of the need to ensure competitiveness, Omplix offers tight costs for all traders, as there is only one standard account provided. These are crypto derivatives designed especially for short-term trading and they carry flexible costs, influenced by market volatility and liquidity.

Trading Platform

Omplix claims that its platform exceeds customer demands in terms of speed and security, mainly because it’s proprietary. It incorporates tools and features to facilitate fast trade execution, an intuitive interface, and a wide range of cryptos at your fingertips.

Omplix trading platform

Compared to other existing solutions, the Omplix platform has a futuristic look and, underneath that, there are advanced technologies as well as strong encryption techniques.

It should be no surprise that the platform is versatile, compatible with any type of device. Omplix offers crypto on the go, aware that traders often need to monitor trades while out and away from home.

We should talk about advanced charting, given technical analysis remains one of the most efficient ways to spot short-term trade opportunities. With the Omplix platform, thanks to TradingView integration, customers have a wide array of analysis tools at their disposal. It’s possible to use almost any strategy on this platform, since the right tools are there.

Omplix Logo



Given the work done by Omplix from the day of its inception, it would be fair to assume that this is aa crypto-related brand worth noting. It aims to be a partner you can fully rely on, something hard to find these days in the world of digital assets. This market continues to mature and what’s certain is that numerous short-term trading opportunities will emerge along the way.